Our Design Philosophy

Max Zara sees garments as a natural extension of the body, for movement and expression.
In her designing process, she observes the body to discover shapes. She intuitively listens to the fabric and its connection to the body. Naturally, lines appear and the unexpected evolves. 

Body following, body flowing. 


About Max Zara

The female body in movement turned out to be my endless source and focus of inspiration.

This fits in seamlessly with my former professional gymnastics career and how I experience the body.

I started my own brand because it allowed me to express my authentic vision without the constraints of working to a predetermined brief. Through working with a diverse group of women, I found that my designs had the power to inspire confidence.

I explore and observe and think deeply about the relationship that women have with their bodies and garments. I love working with women in an intimate way and support them on their journey to feeling comfortable in their own skin.