Sustainable Jewellery Collection

VES COLLECTION, a collection of innovative jewellery in collaboration with Twee Eek. 
This collection combines the femininity of MAX ZARA STERCK shapes with the industrial approach of Tweek Eek. Tweek Eek design from innovative perspectives of materials and machines. During the process, Max Zara led Tweek Eek through her design journey, inspired by the vesica piscis. Then we began working with a circular shape, which is also a departure from Tweek Eek's usual angular forms. The result is a collection of Earrings, Belts and Jewels to incoorperate into garments. 

           xTWEEK EEK

Costume Design

Costume Design for Katya Bourvis


We have together developed an environment friendly fabric in black and white with stean and sweat resistance.

This fabric responds well to free movement of the wearer. With iNDUO's stain and sweat resistant innovation, we have together achieved GOTS certification for an organic black and white cotton fabric. These fabrics are used for durability, their high quality and responsible production are the backbone of the capsule collection MAX ZARA STERCK created. 

Sustainable Fabric Development


Costume Design

Costume Design for Jurrien Schobben