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We reveal our resilience. We embody our resilience.

This is Max Zara Sterck. A body label. A way of expression. 
Creating clothes to empower embodiment.
To be connected to your most authentic version. 
And exposing that to the world. 

We give our devoted attention and

appreciation to Form as the purest expression of oneself

Max Zara graduated in 2015 in Fashion Design from Artez in Arnhem, The
Netherlands. She gained international experience at brands such as J.W. Anderson, La
Perla and Alexander McQueen.

In 2019 she decided to focus on establishing her namesake

With her designs she highlights the sense of touch. Garments need to be worn, handled, felt and treated like a second skin.

Max Zara sees garments as a natural extension of the body, for movement and expression.


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‘’When I wear Max Zara Sterck's garments, I feel my inner feminine expand. She opens up like a flower, takes her space and dances with life. I love how each design shapes my body differently - giving me the feeling I can meet myself in endless ways. My body. My vessel. My temple.’’

— Emeline

"I’m that type of girl people always ask, “do you ever wear dresses?”
Usually they feel straining, uncomfortable and most of the time I feel like a barbie girl.

I wanna feel confident, like I own the place, that “femme fatale” kinda feeling you know..

Heavy body-hugging material, seductive design which shows skin but just enough to be interesting to look at, but most of all, a dress that follows every movement."

— Isha