Swedish Stockings

14. March 2024.

Swedish Stockings

We are pleased to announce the launch of the MAX ZARA STERCK x Swedish Stockings  Limited Edition Capsule Collection.

The capsule collection is made from seamlessly knitted recycled materials with the aim of allowing women to feel comfortable, sensual and supported in all the right places, no matter age or size. By putting the female curves the heart of the design process and adopting innovative knitwear techniques, the collaboration aims to create shapes and structures for pieces suitable for all female bodies. 

“We wanted to combine innovative construction with sustainable production methods to produce garments for women who want to be comfortable and sensual — while also creating a durable and conscious design,” says Max Zara Sterck. 

Swedish Stockings was founded in 2013 and has since been on a mission to inspire and drive change in the fashion industry. 

“Supporting emerging designers with expertise in hoisery and recycled polyaminde production, we are able to deliver on our misson and contribute to the next-generation of sustainable fashion. 

Max Zara Sterck’s creations should be worn, handled, felt and treated like a second skin. Her mission is to empower the beauty and the freedom of women industry through sensual and conscious designs. 

The collection is part of the WORTH Partnership, a European project where designers, SMEs, manufacturers and tech providers work together to develop innovative, design-oriented business ideas. 

The capsule is available on www.maxzarasterck.com and on www.swedishstockings.com