Over the Moon, is a celebration of ecstatic joy and the connection with nature. The SS24 campaign was born from the idea of incorporating an earth element, using sand as a starting point for the visuals. However, during the creative process, founder Max Zara Sterck discovered the collection had more of a "moon" aesthetic, which is beautifully aligned with the symbol for gratitude and reflection. The collection highlights the positive growth and unique encounters the brand has experienced since the first designs appeared on the market in 2023. There had come so much success out of it, it got Max Zara Over the Moon.

Over the Moon underscores the connection to the moon and lunar cycle, nature, and feminine power, embodying a return to the brand's foundational values where the silhouettes of her clothes and movement take center stage. Through this campaign, Max Zara Sterck aims not only to showcase clothing, but also to impart a message of balance, connection and authenticity to her audience.

Blessed by this wonderful team Model @jeskevdpal @skinsmodels Photographer @amandaelisek Styling @constantdeboer @fleurvanderschilt Hair Stylist @scottstarrenburg Make up Artist @romy_legger Set @hein_vanden_heuvel Assistant @emmaolivaa