Intimate Spaciousness

This collection is about space, how to take up space as a woman and as a creative. Taking up space does not mean you need to stand wide, feel super positive or shout. It means being who you are. It is about being your true authentic self. But what does it mean to you? Daring to take that space to be you, daring to take that space to do it differently, daring to take that space to feel what you feel.

Max Zara Sterck continues her exploration into the body’s curvatures, draping lines that follow and mirror those that are organic. For Spring Summer 2023, Max Zara has explored and embraced the space surrounding the body, elongating her linear works to another level.

Monochromatic designs cling to incurves and depressions, garments come loose from the body, and extended draping is propelled by movement into the space surrounding the body.