Debut Show '24

During the opening day of Amsterdam Fashion Week, MAX ZARA STERCK debuted with a performance consisting of a combination of dance and catwalk show. Interplay is a recurring theme in Max Zara's work, which can be seen in various components. Positive and negative, black and white, minus and plus. The logo of MAX ZARA STERCK is therefore central to the center of the show: + - = \

''Plusminusequalsbackslasch'' - in math, the formula + and - equals -. Negative dominates here. In our society it is assumed that negative is 'bad' and positive is 'good'. Max Zara Sterck wants to show that beauty also resides in the negative side. During the August 30th show, it was repeatedly noted that everyone has a positive and negative side and that the combination of both is what makes us powerful and beautiful. It's an invitation to express and celebrate yourself in your purest way: both plus and minus. The last symbol of the logo, backslash, represents the outcome when you spread the two, reflected in the diagonal silhouette where the designs are on based