Embody your expression

Authenticity Creativity Sensuality

A woman. An artist. An entrepreneur. Three interconnected roles that can stimulate, inspire and support each other. Through this program we’ll connect to each of these versions of yourself. To holistically integrate them and in doing so connect with your dreams, embody your feminine beauty and strength and build an enjoyable structure that works for you.

As an artist you are passionate about your work, even identify with her. Any blockages you are experiencing will be likely to be expressed in your work too. In this program, we’re discovering mental or physical blocks that are keeping you from living up to your full potential, as a woman, artist and entrepreneur. We work with a combination of energy work, free movement, sensual wisdom and my own experience in the creative industry.

Together with experienced teachers we support female artists and entrepreneurs to connect from within, create with joy, build with flow, and fully express yourself authentically.

Nice to meet you, my name is Max Zara.
I am an artist, inspired by nature and the body in movement. I love my creations, projects and the people I work with. My passion is my strength, but also my weakness. I felt trapped and overworked, resulting in a burnout . But I’ve been able to overcome through a combination of energy work, sensual wisdom and connecting with sacred nature. We live in a world with a lot of pressure and suppression that’s why I feel it’s necessary to support, empower and inspire femininity, creativity and freedom.
My mission is to empower other women through creativity and embodiment.
To support them in living their life and work fully. In alignment with our true nature and allowing us to experience joy, pleasure and freedom.