The BODYTUBE Collection creates technological, sustainable crafted garments for women, who want to feel sensual and comfortable at the same time. Combining the sustainable hosiery production methodes and recycled material techniques of Swedish stocking with Max Zara’s innovative body constructions and style characteristics, the ideal garment will be developed for women that want to be comfortable and feel sensual while buying into a durable and conscious product.

On the first hand, our collection answers the need to sustainability by developing new products with recycled nylon and sustainable production methodes. On the other hand, it services women who are in need of a comfortable garment that follows their body shape, while feeling sensual and confident. The garments are following the female body instead of restricting or reshaping it.

We are on a mission to change and influence the fashion industry by showing others that you can produce sustainably, without sacrificing durable quality and contemporary womenswear.